4th Neuropsychiatry and Behavioural Neurology Conference

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The RANZCP Section of Neuropsychiatry and the ANZAN Section of Behavioural Neurology, supported by the University of Melbourne, and in collaboration with theAustralian Consortium of Centres for Clinical Cognitive Research (AC4R) are pleased to announce the 2015 annual Neuropsychiatry and Behavioural Neurology Conference.

The programme is below, and registration can be done through the
conference website.

Friday 6 November 2015 09.00 - 19:00
Registration open
Theme Session: Schizophrenia Dr Ramon Mocellin  — TBC Professor Christos Pantelis  — The present: Schizophrenia: State of the Art. Neuroprogression and the role of stress,  drugs and neuroinflammation
Morning Tea
Keynote Session Schizophrenia: The Future Professor John McGrath: Expectations for the future of schizophrenia research - from the prosaic to the grandiose
Theme Session: Nucleotide repeats and Lewy bodies Dr Samantha Loi – Huntingtons disease - the past Professor Elsdon Storey – Molecular biology of repeat disorders Dr Rosie Watson - Dementia with Lewy Bodies
Afternoon Tea 
Theme session: Epilepsy
Professor Harry McConnell – The past:
Epilepsy through the Ages, a neuropsychiatric perspective Professor Terry O’Brien – The present: Treatment for Epilepsy: The Current State of Play Professor Mark Cook – The future: Title TBC
Trainee Session Trainee case presentations and judging
Conference Dinner Guest Speaker Associate Professor Steve Ellen
  Saturday 7 November 2015  08:45 – 12:00

Registration open
Neuroimaging workshop
Neuroimaging Teaching Session Dr Frank Gaillard -
Understanding MRI
Morning Tea

Neurocogitive case workshop: Associate Professor David Darby
Conference Close

Neuropsychiatry and Behavioural Neurology Conference Programme


The full programme for the 2nd NP/BN Conference is now available. As per last year’s conference, Friday provides a rich set of clinical updates in neuropsychiatry and behavioural neurology, with a Saturday morning teaching session focussing on clinical teaching: neuroradiology and movement disorders.

Please register at the conference website:

Dr Jenny Torr - Intellectual Disability

Dr John Kwok -
The Neurogenetics of dementia

Dr Andrew Evans -
Parkinsons plus syndromes

Dr Martin Jackson - Acquired brain injury and substance abuse

Professor Colleen Loo - ECT

Professor Paul Fitzgerald -

Professor Nicola Lautenschläger -
Exercise and neurostimulation

A/ Professor Michael Fahey - Dementia in the very young

A/Professor Elsdon Storey -
Dementia plus movement disorders

Dr Jo Fielding -
Dementia plus eye movement disorders

Neuropsychiatry and Behavioural Neurology Education and Training

A/Professor David Darby - Prodromal Dementia Concepts

Dr Karyn Boundy -
Current Therapeutics of Alzheimers Disease

Professor Dennis Velakoulis -
Therapeutics of FTD

A/Professor Michael Woodward - Landscape of Clinical Trials in Australia and the World

Dr Karyn Boundy - How to enter the Clinical Trials Market Place, “What do you need to start up a clinical trial centre”
Friday 8 November 2013
0900 – 1630 hours
Registration open
0930 – 1130 hours
Themed Session: Clinical updates and insights
1130 – 1230 hours
Keynote Session
1230 – 1330 hours
1330 – 1530 hours
Themed Session: Neurostimulation in psychiatry and neurology
1530 – 1730 hours
Themed Session: Dementia “plus”
1730 – 1800 hours
Trainees Meeting:
1730 – 1900 hours
Conference Dinner
1900 – 2100 hours
Themed Session: Australian Consortium of Centres for Clinical Cognitive Research (AC4R)

Saturday 9 November 2013

Dr Frank Gaillard and Dr Brad Hayhow -
Understanding MRI

Understanding movement disorders
0845 – 1200 hours
Registration open
0900 – 1030 hours
Neuroimaging Teaching Session
1030 – 1115 hours
Dr Andrew Evans -
1115 – 1130 hours
Morning Tea
1130 hours
Conference Close

2nd Neuropsychiatry and Behavioural Neurology Conference

SAVE THE DATE!! 2nd Neuropsychiatry and Behavioural Neurology Conference

On November 8th and 9th 2013, the 2nd Neuropsychiatry and Behavioural Neurology Conference will be held in Melbourne, following on from the success of the inaugural conference in 2012.

A joint initiative between the Section of Neuropsychiatry from the RANZCP and the ANZAN Section of Behavioural Neurology, the conference will present a broad selection of topics relevant to psychiatrists and neurologists alike.

Watch this space for first formal conference announcements!