Announcing the Cognitive Assessment & Advisory Service (CAAS)

The CCAS service is an initiative providing access to neuropsychology services across NorthWestern Mental Health through a centralised outpatient clinic co-located at the Neuropsychiatry Unit.
Referrals are open to consumers from:
- Inner West AMHS
- MidWest AMHS
- Northern AMHS
- NorthWest AMHS
- Orygen Youth Services
The service provides formal cognitive assessment and cognitive behavioural strategies for consumers aged between 15 to 65 years with a mental health diagnosis. To make a referral, or for more information, please contact Dr Joanna Neath, Senior Clinical Neuropsychologist via email ( or telephone (03 9342 8750)

NUCOG Now Available on the iPad

The NUCOG, the Neuropsychiatry Unit’s cognitive screening instrument - first developed in 2000 and validated in a number of neurological and psychiatric disorders, as well as in multiple languages - is now available on the iPad. The initial version comes with English, simplified Chinese and Spanish language versions built-in right off the bat. The iPad NUCOG also comes with a built-in manual (English only).
The iPad version of the
NUCOG combines its world-leading versatility, breadth and brevity with the advantages of an App, including the capacity to resume testing, print and email results, have patients write directly on the screen, and use the iPad camera to capture patient data.
Get the iPad NUCOG here via iTunes. Or, for more information on the tool, visit the NUCOG website here.